Good Neighbors

The Good Neighbor program covers a variety of needs within the community. These needs include the Agape Food Pantry, Community Clean-up, Home Buddies, Snow Buddies, Phone Friends and Civic Organizations.

Agape Food Pantry - assistance is needed to sort food, read expiration dates, stack food onto shelving, distribute food into bags and carry bags weighing about 20 lbs. during monthly distribution. Volunteers will be "on-call" and would work about 1-2 hours a month although volunteers aren't needed each month. Volunteers should be teenage or older.

Volunteer at the Agape Food Pantry.

Community Clean-up - There are several opportunities to help with clean-up. A community clean-up at city parks is sponsored each April by a local church. During the event, volunteers spread mulch around playground equipment, plant trees or shrubs, they might paint park structures and other tasks as needed. The ability to lift and do manual labor is needed. There is no age requirement. Other clean-up opportunities may exist throughout the year at the homes of area senior citizens. This could include cleaning gutters, raking leaves, trimming trees and shrubbery, painting, minor repairs, cleaning windows and similar tasks. Volunteers should be able to do such work and should be high school age or older.

Volunteer for Community Clean-up

Home Buddies - Opportunities may exist throughout the year to assist homeowners that may need assistance in cleaning up their property or have some fix-it type projects. This could include mowing, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, painting, fixing toilets or repairing leaky faucets. The City is partnering with the Louisburg Ministerial Alliance in this program. City staff will oversee the sign-up portion with the Ministerial Alliance making the determination on which tasks can be completed by local volunteers. Sign up to be a Home Buddy, either as the person requesting assistance or someone willing to lend a hand.

Sign Up to Be a Home Buddy

Snow Buddies - This program pairs volunteers with senior citizens or those who are disabled who own their own homes or live in single-family residences to remove snow from any public sidewalk on the property and from the front door to the sidewalk. In the event there is not a sidewalk on the property, then snow should be cleared from the front door to the mailbox/street. This does not include removing snow from an entire driveway. Volunteers should be able to scoop snow and provide their own snow shovel. The program is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sign Up to Participate in the Program or to Volunteer as a Snow Buddy

Phone Friends - This program matches a senior citizen with a volunteer who would be available to phone or otherwise check on the senior a couple times a month and be sure the person is ok and doesn't have any emergency needs. Ideally this program would serve those seniors who live in the Louisburg area that don't also have family in the area.

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Civic Organizations - There are several civic organizations in the community that need volunteers for service projects.

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