How will the City benefit from growth?
  • A continued growth of a wonderful community.
  • Additional customers to local businesses.
  • Additional volunteers for local organizations.
  • Places for those that work in Louisburg to live and grow.
  • Places for those that want to live in Louisburg to lay down roots.
  • Growth may eventually lead to additional workforce, additional businesses, and an overall better community.

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1. What are Rural Housing Incentive Districts?
2. Why are RHIDs being considered?
3. What does this proposed incentive cost current taxpayers?
4. Are there other potential costs that will increase my property taxes?
5. What about burden on, or capacity of, utility systems?
6. The City will lose out on a lot of taxes over 15 years.
7. Why is the City considering this incentive now?
8. How will the City benefit from growth?