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  1. Fox Hall Rental

    Fox Hall is available to rent for $25 per hour or $75 for four or more hours. A reduced rental rate of $20 per hour or $60 for four or more hours is offered on Mondays and Tuesdays. Set-up and clean-up should be calculated in your reservation time.

    Please note: A Fox Hall reservation is not confirmed until you receive an email that details your reservation was received and provides information on how to make payment. This form does not constitute a confirmed rental. The rental payment and $100 cleaning/security deposit must be received for your rental at least 2 weeks in advance of the rental date. At least one hour must be maintained between two or more rentals on the same day.

    Renters must read and agree to the Fox Hall Rental Policy/Agreement. 

    Please make checks payable to Fox Hall. Payments may be dropped off at City Hall or mailed to:
    City Hall
    c/o Fox Hall
    215 S. Broadway St.
    Louisburg, KS 66053

    If mailing the payment, please print the form and include it with your payment.

    All rental checks will be deposited. If you must cancel your event, a refund check will be issued. If you postpone your event, you must fill out a new form to reschedule. 

    Please verify the date availability using the Facilities Calendar link below.

    If you have questions about renting Fox Hall, please contact City Hall at 913-837-5371.

  2. I agree to the Rental Agreement Policy*

    I, the renter, acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the Fox Hall Code of Conduct and Rental/Use Agreement by checking the box above 

    Further, I acknowledge that no alcohol is permitted on the premises.

    I understand that if the building is not cleaned per the rental cleaning checklist or any damage to the building occurs, a minimum of $50 will be withheld from the security/cleaning deposit.

  3. Door locks

    Fox Hall doors are set to unlock and lock automatically; no key is needed. Please be sure to include necessary time for the set-up and clean-up for your event.

    Please note: the doors will be unlocked for the entire time the reservation is requested.

  4. Be sure to include time for set-up and clean-up. 

    For reoccurring events that have the same start/end time, only one form is needed. For reoccurring events with different start/end times, please complete a new form.

  5. This is a rescheduled reservation.

    Your initial reservation was postponed and moved to a new date.

  6. Cleaning/Security Deposit

    Your security deposit will be returned, per the agreement, to the address on the form unless other instructions are provided in the Please Note section. Please allow 2 weeks for your deposit to be returned.

  7. If someone other than the renter is writing the check for the security/cleaning deposit, please indicate to whom the deposit should be returned, if applicable.

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