Mayor & Council


Council members are elected for 3-year terms in November and are sworn in during a special meeting the second week of January.

Marty Southard, mayor


 Ward 1

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Marty Southard was elected mayor in April 2015 and was re-elected in 2018. The term will end November 2021. He works as a school social worker for the local high school. He enjoys helping students to develop and accomplish their goals and spending time with his family.

Councilmember Scott Margrave was appointed to fill the vacated Ward 1 seat at a March 2021 council meeting. The term will end 2023. He was born and raised in KCK the youngest of five children. He is a field service engineer for a major corporation He and his wife Cindy moved to Louisburg shortly after they married 24 years ago and they have one son Julian. Mr. Margrave is active in his local church. His hobbies include watching Julian play basketball and fishing. He is the council liaison to Finance and the Fox Hall/Cemetery board.

 Ward 1 Map

Donna Cook, Ward 2

Councilmember Donna Cook

Sandy Harris Jr., Ward 3

Photo of Councilmember Sandy Harris Jr

Councilmember Donna Cook was elected to the Council in November 2019. The term will end in 2022. She is a lifelong Louisburg resident and currently owns Rabbit Creek Tasteful Gourmet in Louisburg. She enjoys gardening and creating metal and wooden yard art for her yard. Ms. Cook also volunteers her time for the many organizations she belongs to both locally and nationally. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Councilmember Cook is the liaison to Park & Tree Board and the Public Utility Authority.

Ward 2 Map

Councilmember Sandy Harris Jr. was elected to office in November 2018. The term ends in 2021. He is the Council liaison to Planning Commission, Building & Zoning Appeals and Public Improvements. Councilmember Harris came to Louisburg in 2004 and served as pastor to First Christian Church before retiring from full-time ministry in 2017. He supports various causes as volunteer. He previously served on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Seeing the community grow and assisting the city’s government to become increasingly able to serve all who live here is his aim by serving on the City Council.  

Ward 3 Map

Vacant, Ward 4

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Steve Town, At-Large


The Ward 4 council seat is currently vacant. There are two years left on the three-year term. 

Ward 4 Map

Councilman Steve Town was re-elected in November 2020. The term ends in 2024. He serves as the Council liaison to Public Safety. Mr. Town is an active volunteer within the local Fire Department and school. He is a retired engineering technician.