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  1. Leaf Burning

    Burning of leaves and yard debris is only allowed on Fridays and Saturdays inside the city limits. Read on...
  2. Facade of Louisburg Program

    The Facade of Louisburg Program, or FLIP, is grant money that may be awarded to businesses located in the "Historic Downtown" district of Louisburg that front Broadway Street and improve or renovate the building facades. Read on...
  3. Moratorium Lifted on Building Improvements in Historic Downtown

    The City Council has revoked the moratorium on building improvements or renovations in the "Historic Downtown" district. Read on...
  1. Broadway & Metcalf Projects
  2. Sewer Rate Info
Work on Broadway is almost complete! The brick pillars are yet to be installed and there are a few items on the punch list that will be completed in the next few weeks. Lights in the parking lot behind City Hall are being installed and the lot and extra parking next to Fox Hall should be open soon. 

Stoplights were installed at the Amity/Metcalf intersection last week. There is a required 7-10 day period where the lights will flash on Amity Street and will be covered on Metcalf Road. During this time, Metcalf will remain closed. Once that period has passed, the entire intersection will open. Once operational, the lights will work on a sensor and will activate when a car comes to the intersection. We hope the intersection will be open to traffic in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.  

Click on the link below to see the current Broadway streetscape plan.

Broadway Street plan & Sewer information: